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Verify My Photo

Verify my photo is a free and optional service which helps to improve profile status. Photo verification gives any profile credibility which will automatically gain much more interest from other Members.

We highly recommend verifying your photo because it helps Members get quicker results in finding the desired connection they are looking for. By having your photo verified you will naturally receive much more messages and connections because your photo has been verified by our Administration Team.

We believe it’s in every Member’s interest to have their profile photo verified, in-order to have a more open and transparent communication with other Members.

How to verify your profile photo:

Go to (My Profile) page and you see a button titled Verify My Photo. Click the button and you will receive an email with quick and easy instructions on how to verify your profile photo.

Once your photo(s) is identified by our Admin Team as authentic, you will be granted a 'Verified' status with an icon next to your photo(s) which will be visible to all Members.

Password protected photo
Password protected photo
Password protected photo
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