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Our dedicated Staff at AllSomaliSingles.Com are here to help, so if you have any questions or need some kind of assistance please contact us by clicking HERE.

Is it free to sign up and create a profile account?

There is no fee payable to sign up and create a profile account as a free Member, however accessing the services as a free Member will allow you limited access to site features and areas of the services. Full access to all site features and services will require paid membership.

I signed up, but my profile account was suspended the next day?

As a premium Website our Quality Control Team assess new profiles within 24 hours. Accounts with photos that are deemed not to be genuine will be automatically suspended or deleted.

AllSomaliSingles.Com provides a service for real people seeking honest and meaningful relationships, so the Quality Control Team aims to provide those existing Members with the highest calibre regarding newly registered profile accounts.

Our advice would be to re-register and ensure all content submitted meets our Terms of Use.

After signing up does my profile get accepted straight away?

After signing up you can use the Website immediately, but your full profile will not be available to other Members until it's assessed by our Quality Control Team, the assessment process can take up-to 24 hours.

Can I update my profile after signing up?

Yes you can update your profile at any time after signing up.

I tried to sign up and create a profile account, but it was rejected?

This result maybe down to incorrectly completing your profile, or there was inappropriate content. For this situation please double check / edit your profile and re-submit. If that does not work and you continue to have difficulty, please email us through the Website contact form so we can assist.

My photo was rejected?

The photo may have been unsuitable, and could have offended other members using the Website. Any photos with nudity, sexual intentions cannot be accepted due to religious and cultural reasons.

Why is there a green dot on photos?

The green dot indicates that the Member is currently online.

Where is the settings on my profile?

The preference link is your settings page for your individual profile.

My messages have been deleted?

Our system automatically deletes all messages after 30 days. If a user is deleted than all of their messages are removed immediately.

I updated my info and pressed save, but my info was not updated.

For all technical glitches please refresh the page once or twice after your command. If that does not work, please contact our Customer Service Team and they will be glad to help. Please note, ensure anything recently edited is saved prior to refreshing the page.

Do I need to answer the profile questions in my Edit Profile section?

The profile questions in the Edit Profile section is optional, however by answering as much questions as possible in the sections (About Me) and (About My Match), this will have a big impact to boost and enhance interest from other Members to your profile.

We advise Members the more questions answered, the faster and easier it will be for our Database to find a potential match.

How do I write my profile?

Your profile is your chance to present yourself to hundreds or thousands of people depending on what you're looking for, whether it's that special person you want to share your life with, or just broadening your circle of friends and creating new ones. Your profile should be light hearted and positive; keep your profile reasonably short and to the point. If you get stuck ask your friends how they would describe you as a person.

After signing up, I did not receive a confirmation email?

A confirmation email normally arrives immediately to your email address, but if that does not happen, your first port of call would be your spam folder, if the email is not in your spam folder there is an option to resend. Any problems you can always contact us by clicking HERE.

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